crochet flowers

Crochet flowers

To make flowers
Make 10 flowers for throw, two for a headband or one for each belt square. Make a slip knot, leaving a tail of 6cm and slip loop onto a 4mm crochet hook.




1. Start with 6 ch and ss to form into ring.
2. Make 5 ch to start Round 1.
3. Make 1 tr into ring, 2 ch (7 times), ss into 3rd of 5 ch.
4. The first of 8 spaces that will make the petals of the flower.

Double crochet (dc)
A technique used in Round 2 of the flower. For dc, insert the hook into the work and take yarn over the hook. Draw a new loop of yarn through the work, leaving two loops on the hook. Take yarn over hook again. Draw new loop through both loops on hook.

Half treble (htr)
A technique used in Round 2 of the flower. A stitch shorter than a treble and taller than a double crochet.




5. For htr, take the yarn over the hook, inserting hook into work. Take yarn over hook again. Draw loop through work to make 3 loops on hook. Take yarn over hook and draw new loop through 3 loops on hook.
6. Begin Round 2. Into each space work 1 dc, 1 htr, 3 tr, 1 htr, 1 dc (8 petals).
7. ss into dc of 1st petal, ch and fasten off.
8. Completed flower ready to embellish headband, belt or throws.

To make headband
To make band, ch 35. Fasten off, leaving 8cm of yarn attached. To attach beads to chain, thread single yarn through bead and pull ch through. Tie a simple knot in ch below bead. Trim off end. Repeat for other end of ch. To attach flowers, thread wool needle with appropriate shade of yarn. Align centre of flower with mid-point of chain. Make 4 stitches from back to front evenly around centre ring, through both layers. Finish off securely on back. Use same technique to attach flowers to throw or belt squares.